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Fulfill Your Dreams By Becoming Your Unique Self

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Gain More Energy…through Human Assessment Technology based on the Natural Mathematics of Man allowing for a better understanding of your authentic nature.

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Optimize your performance

Learn about You – All about You. The better you understand yourself, the richer your relationships will be and the better you’ll be able to perform: at work, at home, and in all areas of your life.

Feel more fulfilled and energized

Through self realization and understanding your strengths and motivators you gain energy—the more you know about yourself, the more satisfied you’ll be with life. Your Life!

Optimize your performance

Your unique test results quantify and measure every aspect of human nature, including areas of behavior. Your dominant character traits and sensitivity to your environment will be also be revealed.

Karen's Coaching

Life Coaching

Karen Scanlon is a certified life coach and teacher.  After an amazing career in sales and management with IBM she hit the wall and retired from the stress of Corporate America.

Karen’s entire endocrine system crashed and she was given the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. Her thought was to not work for a while and stay home and relax to “heal”.

As she was trying to follow the prescription of Allopathic medicine, she continued to lose energy and feel more and more exhausted.  Thank heavens, when she was at her lowest point, she found this amazing Human Assessment Test called the “Ultimate Life Tool.”

When the life coach Karen was working with explained that she gains  Energy and Passion by connecting with others and teaching, the light switch immediately went on for her.

It was that day Karen decided she needed to become a Life Coach and help others realize how they can gain energy and passion in their lives.  Which of course, allows you to Optimize your Performance in all areas of your life!

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What Karen’s clients say

“The U.L.T. Assessment, has been more helpful than years of expensive therapy.”

Kirin Khalsa | International Teacher and Facilitator

“After years of working with Fortune 500 Executives, I’ve found the ULT assessment to be one of the most comprehensive tools I’ve used. With a brief questionnaire, the results combine the breath and depth of 8-10 instruments previously used for personality assessment. team building, and overall organization development. I highly recommend it for those seeking a comprehensive, cutting edge, and group assessment tool. ”

Dr. Charles Richards PhD| Psychotherapist, Author, and International Speaker


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